Big Mistakes that You Should Avoid When Hiring Movers

Relocation is itself a hectic and tedious process and we often make it more complicated by doing it in wrong way. Relocation requires lots of time, energy and means. This is a series of tasks which includes packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging. These tasks need to be done with much perfection that only a professional can. Hence people hire packers and movers in Hinjewadi, Pune to relocate their home safely and securely to the new location without any hassles. But while hiring a moving company you ought to be very smart and attentive so that you'll be able to hire the right and reliable removal company.

So, here is the list of some common mistakes that people make while hiring packers and movers company which you must avoid:

Not Booking Movers In Advance

It is necessary to book a mover for your move in advance especially if their charge/fees is your concern. They may charge you higher price in the name of urgency and you'll have to pay them as you self haven't left any option for yourself. It is difficult to get appointment of moving companies on your moving date. So you should not make this mistake and book movers as early as possible before they get busy or fix their schedule with someone else.

Not Comparing Estimates

People are so much busy with their works that they don't get time for anything else and they pick up the very first thing what they saw. But you should not make this mistake while hiring moving company rather you must compare the packers and movers rates with other moving companies. By comparing the quotes/estimates you will get to hire the mover of your choice that fits your budget.

Not Asking the Right Question

People do a big mistake by not asking the right question to their movers and later regrets. So, do not repeat this thing and be prepared what sort of things you should ask to your movers like:

  • Whether they are licensed or not?
  • Whether they provide goods insurance policy or not?
  • How can you pay the charges?
  • What if the goods will not deliver on the given time frame?

Not Checking Their Authenticity

You should not skip this point ever. In fact, you must check the company's license, registration number and certification to know their credentials.

So these are the big mistake that people usually do, some of them do because they are moving for the first time and some are in hurry. Whatever is your case, you should never make these above-mentioned mistakes to have a safe and smooth relocation experience.

If you will not do these mistakes then, you can easily hire the right packers and movers. But, there are many fraudsters also, who can make you fool and run away with all your belongings and cash. So, here are some tips that will help you to beware of fraudster movers and packers.

How to Make Yourself Safe from Fraudster Movers and Packers

Do Your Research

First of all you should find all the trusted and reputed moving companies in your area wherever you live or moving. You can even ask for references from your friends and colleagues to tell you some reputed names of the industry. Then make a list of such movers and start researching about the company's profile and background.

Check Online Website

In today's modern era, nothing is there that is not on internet. So, you must check the listed moving companies' online website to collect the complete information and history of the company.

Check Reviews and Ratings

To know what will be the quality of the company's services you must check the online reviews and ratings that have written by the past customers. If you will get good and positive reviews that means the customers were satisfied with their work and they will also provide quality services.

Don't Get Trapped in Low Quotes

The company may offer you low quotes but this can be just a trap for you to betray you. This is the chief sign of a fraud moving companies. If you will find huge difference in moving quotes from other moving companies then you should not go with the company offering irrational low quotes.

Apart from these things you must check the company's license and certification to check the company's authenticity whether it has legal authority to handle moving or shifting or not. Following these steps form hiring Packers and movers in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata etc. you can make yourself safe from fraudsters.